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  • Spanish frittata (eggs, potatoes, spinach, and onion) served with barley salad and side-salad with Javi’s Cantina Roasted Garlic Citrus Vinaigrette 110 pesos
    *with chorizo on top  120 pesos
    *with shrimp on top  160 pesos
    *with steak on top  200 pesos
  • Omelettes
    2 eggs, choose 4 of chorizo,bacon,ham, onions, asparagus, cheese, mushrooms, bell pepper, spinach, jalapeños, tomato) served with roasted potatoes 130 pesos
    • Javi’s – everything 175 pesos
    • Mexican-jalapeños, tomato, cilantro, chorizo, cebolla, cheese 140 pesos
    • Isla-shrimp, cheese, cebolla, espinaca
      160 pesos 
  • Mexican Eggs benedict with eggless Hollandaise on a baguette served with 140 pesos
  • Basic Breakfast Bacon and Eggs served with potatoes and salad 130 pesos
  • Steak and Eggs (2) served with 2 sides of your choice  200 pesos


  • Breakfast veggie tacos (3) corn tortillas with sauteed mixed veggies  110 pesos
  • Avocado toast served with salad  with Javi’s Cantina Roasted Garlic Citrus Vinaigrette 100 pesos


  • Chilaquiles  basic: tortilla chips, roasted tomato salsa, garlic cream  100
    *Eggs 130 pesos
    *Chicken 160 pesos
  • Breakfast tacos flour tortilla (3) made  to order eggs, spinach, bacon and cheese
    160 pesos
  • Rancheros
    refried beans, guac, rice, 110 pesos
  • Molletes
    baguette cut in half and covered with  refried beans, cheese, ham, pico 110 pesos

Bagel Sandwiches
Served with your choice of avocado sauce, honey mustard or mayo chipotle and a side salad with Javi’s Cantina Roasted Garlic Citrus Vinaigrette 

  • Bacon egg and cheese Bagel Sandwich w avocado and garlic cream  150 pesos
  • BLT Bagel Sandwich  150 pesos
  • Spicy Tuna Bagel Sandwich  160 pesos
  • Caprese with pesto  120 pesos

Ciabatta Sandwiches
served with a side salad with Javi’s Cantina Roasted Garlic Citrus Vinaigrette

  • Pork Belly with lettuce, tomato, red onion, avocado and  honey mustard 160 pesos
  • Shredded Beef and gouda cheese served with au jus for dipping  160 pesos


  • Shrimp and grits (want lobster? Just ask)
    200 pesos
  • Tuna Poke (*spicy or not) 200 grams of tuna with rice and salad  with Javi’s Cantina Roasted Garlic Citrus Vinaigrette  260 pesos

Y mas

  • Hojaldre Puff Pastry with ham, cheese, asparagus and cherry tomatoes served with 2 eggs 150 pesos
  • Waffles (GF and V available by request) topped with fruit and whipped cream 110 pesos
  • French Toast topped with Javi’s candied pecans 
    100 pesos
  • Hot cakes  100 pesos 
Sides                          30 pesos
Refried Black Beans
Mini pancakes
Zucchini bread
Barley Salad