Pre Order for Pick up or delivery

During this time of the Covid 19 Corona Virus Crisis, Javi’s Cantina is offering a special promotion of 20% off all menu items on orders over 200 pesos.

We have restricted our days to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 2 pm – 8 pm. These hours are based on our pre-orders for that day


If guests can pre-order their meals and schedule their pick up date and time in advance, we can plan better and only purchase and prepare what we need especially for you. It also allows us to reduce our staff and rotate them through the days we are open. Music costs and electricity will also be reduced.


Use the button below to place your order. Please specify in the app when you will be picking up your order and we will be in touch to confirm.

You may also pre-order in the restaurant in person during our working hours, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 2pm – 8pm.


All deliveries will be through Isla Delivery and are subject to delivery fees. If using the delivery service, please tip your delivery person.

If you choose delivery, for the restaurant tip, please use OPTIONAL TIP in the menu to add your Cantina tip to your bill.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch via Facebook, email or call us on our land line at 998-274-4097 (voice only).

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