Javineros Membership Crew

Founding Members by Invitation Only

Can I share something a little personal with you?

Our team, Javi and I have been overwhelmed with your generosity each week during our FNL shows.  You constantly show up for us with your virtual tips and it literally has contributed to paying our staff salaries when the restaurant is not able to cover them during the pandemic.

The fact that you show up for us on the live show each week is beyond words for us and our team.  We feel your love and support and that keeps us going.

We know that tourism will eventually return and we will be ready.  However, the situation is not going to be ‘back to normal’ for a while for us.  We need to be able to budget for salaries on an ongoing basis, month after month without leaving it to chance.  The virtual tip jar is fantastic, but with consistent donors, we will be able to build a budget to cover our employee salaries.

Also, our team members are hard workers and humble people who want to work for their money.  They want to give you value for your generosity.  We have some GREAT ideas below!!

Thus, the idea of Javineros Membership Crew.

We are launching a private membership site that solves the problem of inconsistent income. From August 14-16, 2020, we are inviting a small beta test group and I cannot wait to get started!  If this continues to go well and offer value, we will use it as a way to pivot our business and continue to grow our brand even after the pandemic.  This could also be a great solution to continue to build the Javi’s Cantina Scholarship Fund we started in February 2020.

We want you to be a founding member.

This is an opportunity to join as a smaller group to test the benefits of value (SEE BELOW) that we offer in the group.  We want to learn everything we can to make this an absolutely incredible, life-changing experience for our members and our Javi’s Cantina team.

Founding members that we are inviting are followers of FNL that are already donating $25 or more per week ($100 + per month) to the FNL show.  This just allows us to budget with guaranteed income and offer more benefits to you in appreciation. We are opening up a limited number of lifetime spots into our membership site, Javinero Crew, for just $75 per month.  This would replace your weekly Virtual Tip on our live shows. 🙂 

What is the Javinero Membership Crew?


A private online social club to keep you connected to the island through exclusive benefits.  These are some ideas we will be testing with the founders group before making the decision. 

  • live videos only available in the private Facebook group, 
  • live  pop  up concerts
  • learning new things like recipes for cooking and cocktails, 
  • learning to speak Spanish, 
  • online interviews with islanders, 
  • free on-island goodies like chips and salsa for your rental, 
  • 1 service-fee free grocery shopping service 
  • raffles, 
  • donations made in your  name (including tips to FNL), 
  • Javi’s Cantina Restaurant discount 15% off your total bill 
  • swag from My Isla Tshirt www.myislatshirt.com  

The membership fees contribute to the salaries of Javi’s Cantina employees during the pandemic.  After the pandemic, a portion of the income will contribute to the Javi’s Cantina Scholarship Fund and the construction of the university on Isla Mujeres. 

Do you have other questions we might add to this list?  Please send them to Marla Martinez at info@javiscantina.com

Original members who will assist in the building the program by offering feedback and helping to determine the valued benefits of tiered levels. 

 Founding members are a member for the life of the membership program without ever paying the same monthly fee as everyone else who join after October 1, 2020.  If you decide to discontinue this membership, and decide to re-join, you will join at the new rate. 

We opened the join date and eliminated the deadline.  Want to join, just click the button below. 

 We are testing the membership and its valued benefits.  We also need to make sure they are sustainable for us, so we will be testing that and making adjustments.  We ask that you offer feedback, recommendations, ask questions and suggestions for us to consider. 

Founding members will pay $75 usd per month.  This is an automatic payment each month to make it simple for you. Price for membership after that is yet to be determined, but I envision tiered options between $50 and $100 usd per month.  Lower rates will have limited benefits if we decide to offer it at all.  All subject to change before Oct 1, 2020. 

You are welcome to cancel your membership at any time. You are also welcome to downgrade your membership to a lower tier at the regular rate. 

 As of now, yes.  There may be a day that we move this to a different platform like Slack or Circle.so  These are a couple of ideas we would ask for you to test with us if we decide to go this route.

 The first test group will be limited to 50 people 

 Beginning October 1, 2020, absolutely! We hope that you will support us in sharing all of our business posts.

Also, if you become a founding member before Sunday August 16, 2020 you will also get your photo on the wall of Javi’s Cantina as a founding member. 

So, if you’d like to join us in this, use this link to  make your payment then go to the private Facebook group and enter the email address associated with your payment to be granted access to the group. 

Our whole family at Javi’s Cantina are thankful for your continued support, and we can’t wait to have you as a founding member in this journey with us! 

Javier and Marla Martinez 
Javi’s Cantina Owners 
Javi’s Cantina Family


I understand that this is a subscription of a  monthly payment of $75 usd and I am able to cancel at any time by emailing info@javiscantina.com

Once your payment has been processed, within 24 hours you will be granted access to the private Facebook group with a Facebook notification.